Underwater Gospels

by golden curtain

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It's a heart attack summer, the waves aren't even for surfers, the sky goes dark, the wolves turn blue and the beach is made of murder You broke down all winter, dreamt of sharks and boulevards and hearts And then you got better You can't remember if she was a dancer, or if she just wanted to be one She'd keep the lights on in the candle shop disappear down the coastline She never called again She never moved back to Queensland You heard somewhere's she's a chef throwing knives across crowded kitchens There's a juggler in the shadows there's an actor that's gone missing there's regret across the shipyard and that's the way it's always been The fortune teller's got nothing says that's the way it is says there's no more magic or miracles or rescues and your heart's going to stay like this
In a summer of storms, there are no lights in the harbor it's you in the dark with the radio and what's left of your heart The Captain's gone, the boat is on fire and at the university boys play guitars for girls wearing dresses The season's turned to static, the surf's gone to blades, what you were going to say doesn't make any difference the turn of the highway, the pull of the suburbs in the rearview mirror, the broken back of the city She gets in the car and they drive into the night And that's how fast it takes to never see someone again Your heart's gone in the valves, the waves are all breaking wrong and your dreams are fevers of sharks and stars
Amen 03:47
Let the surf slide open, let the summer stand still, let the girl in the car put the top down and turn up the radio, let the music hover, let the waves explode, let two people mean everything they say for once. Can I get an Amen? Amen? let the waves turn to muscle, Let the boat rock, let the night go long to the knives shot from fountains, let the surfboard snap, let the sharks go loose. And let the summer give up, let's watch the summer dissolve. Let the winter come and turn these fires to shadows. Can I get an Amen? Amen?
Hi Fi Heart 03:44
The man is late again kisses her with a broken mouth and it's not alright On the trail the water spills out of the side of the hill like a wound, or a chorus about a wound, or just a wound, she thinks In her room she plays old records that sizzle between songs like glass popping under a shoe, or the street clearing its throat Learning to draw a hifi heart Meanwhile someone younger has run out of ways to get the chance to say something At the bakery the cookies are crooked On the radio the DJ doesn't realise he's not the point And the planks in the bridge by her father's house are so loose now when she walks over them, she has to pretend she isn't there. Learning to draw a hi fi heart
Inside the heat of grief The summer's on its knees And your heart's all over this stupid city Downstream from the downfall the dim lights getting distant her cold shoulder only getting colder You're sorry in intervals You misfired with the model You stumble down the street wishing you'd never sold your stereo They're draining all the pools You know nothing about your heart It leads you into shadows and keeps doing that thing in the dark There's a blue wolf behind the bakery there's a rock star who's retired there's a Swedish girl, a card trick and a pop song that's still on fire I changed my mind for you I changed my mind for you You're better off alone You're better drowning the shallows You're better pressed against despair feeling the decades run out of power I changed my mind for you I changed my mind for you I changed my mind for you I changed my mind for you
So Easy 03:38
Summer starts by loosening from the mountains and drifting into the valley like fathoms. She changes her mind about you, then changes it back again soon enough she’ll forget about your hands she won't even remember if there had been one or two. You've run out of things to say about the ocean you don't know what the sound of water means. Looking through the screen door you can see the fuse is gone in the trampoline. Every time you get on, it just stands there. The couple next door have been spraying each other with a hose since May. Everyone's in love and this time they mean it. You're sick of the way you run to her, you're sick of the sounds your heart makes. You fall asleep to the sharks in your dreams, you fall apart in the dark so easy.
Etc Etc 03:25
They called off the search, stopped dragging the shore, And it's been dark so long it doesn't mean anything anymore The lights are all out in Christchurch the city's gone smooth as ashes You finally got rich and famous and it didn't make much of a difference They unplugged the amp but the chorus stayed in your head and she gave you her number told you to call but you never did It's blue wolves and breakups It's the curse of the coastline it's the knives of the waves grinding together all night There are stingrays on the dance floor and your stereo's on fire and nobody cares that you've felt the wrong way for a long time Who needs the backbeat Who needs the kick drum Who needs a house on a street and a heart that goes forward and backward And the sharks are all loose Looks like the tide's turned to silver it's summer, you're done for but you still love her etc etc etc
The Captain 03:16
The last time you saw the Captain It was raining, a record you can’t remember spun silver in the nightclub and the future was a knife at your throat. In the darkness her blinking skirt flashes like a map of dying stars Caught in the middle with rain like being at a surprise party for someone you don’t know, you try to blend in by staying close to the puddles. The girl keeps being gone every time you show up thick and dripping on the driveway with a prepared speech about how the heart can turn its head all the way around like an owl. Nobody is meeting anyone tonight; doesn’t matter how many amazing things you’re thinking, she won’t know them at least until tomorrow, and who knows after that. Who knows, they might change the locks or call you into the office to talk about a leak. Either way you’ll have to explain-- either way there will be math and the figuring out of floods.
Lost the last of my heart on the longboard lost the girl from surf city left the freeway spinning, the whole world dragging behind me That's the last of the time that we're out of no more pulling of oars, or the turning of taverns to orange What do we do with the radio what do we do with all this bad luck What do we do to each other Why does it matter so much Well the submarine shadows of sharks no longer scare me All I do is stay up in the dazed blue of late night waiting for something The x-ray looks like film without sound like two trains together in flames on the outskirts of town and the doctor says you're better but you'll never be alright says you're heart's never wrong but it wastes a lot of time That's the last time that we're out of no more pulling of oars, or the turning of taverns to orange.
The Pier 03:19
Stand by for the shutout/ And your heart to turn into static/ Leave the car at the beach/ Spend one more night with your brother's girlfriend/ Summer's over already/ Nothing in the sun made a difference/ She puts her hands through your hair/ And you can't even feel it/ The record player's holding steady/ the record player's all you've got/ it rolls and it spins/ Sees better than you in the dark/ You'll write the actress in America/ send a postcard to her from the Pacific/ Quote Satre' and Chekov/ Say everything but the one thing you mean/ And the surf breaks like decades/ And the pier's lined in lights/ And it won't take much longer/ to finally be out of time


released June 9, 2017


all rights reserved



golden curtain Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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