Stand by for the shutout/
And your heart to turn into static/
Leave the car at the beach/
Spend one more night with your brother's girlfriend/

Summer's over already/
Nothing in the sun made a difference/
She puts her hands through your hair/
And you can't even feel it/

The record player's holding steady/
the record player's all you've got/
it rolls and it spins/
Sees better than you in the dark/

You'll write the actress in America/
send a postcard to her from the Pacific/
Quote Satre' and Chekov/
Say everything but the one thing you mean/

And the surf breaks like decades/
And the pier's lined in lights/
And it won't take much longer/
to finally be out of time


from Underwater Gospels, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


golden curtain Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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