Summer starts by loosening from the mountains
and drifting into the valley like fathoms.
She changes her mind about you,
then changes it back again
soon enough she’ll forget about your hands
she won't even remember
if there had been one or two.

You've run out of things to say about the ocean
you don't know what the sound of water means.
Looking through the screen door you can see
the fuse is gone in the trampoline.
Every time you get on,
it just stands there.

The couple next door have been spraying each other
with a hose since May.
Everyone's in love
and this time they mean it.

You're sick of the way you run to her,
you're sick of the sounds your heart makes.
You fall asleep to the sharks in your dreams,
you fall apart in the dark
so easy.


from Underwater Gospels, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


golden curtain Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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