They called off the search,
stopped dragging the shore,
And it's been dark so long
it doesn't mean anything anymore

The lights are all out in Christchurch
the city's gone smooth as ashes
You finally got rich and famous
and it didn't make much of a difference

They unplugged the amp
but the chorus stayed in your head
and she gave you her number
told you to call
but you never did

It's blue wolves and breakups
It's the curse of the coastline
it's the knives of the waves
grinding together all night

There are stingrays on the dance floor
and your stereo's on fire
and nobody cares that you've felt
the wrong way for a long time

Who needs the backbeat
Who needs the kick drum
Who needs a house on a street
and a heart that goes forward and backward

And the sharks are all loose
Looks like the tide's turned to silver
it's summer, you're done for
but you still love her
etc etc etc


from Underwater Gospels, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


golden curtain Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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